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Australia embassy

Australian Customs Regulations

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Welcome to the Australian Visa Processing Centre in London. Please follow the requirements below to apply for your entry visa to Australia

Australia Customs Information

The following items may be imported into Australia by persons over 18 years of age without incurring customs duty:

250 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco or cigars.
2.25l of any alcoholic liquor.
Articles for personal hygiene and clothing, not including perfume or fur apparel.
Other goods to a value of A$900 (A$450 if under 18).

Note: The Australian government has introduced limits on the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels that can be taken through the screening point for people flying to and from Australia. You may carry these on board in your hand-luggage only if they are no more than 100ml and in a sealed plastic bag. Larger amounts may be taken in your checked-in luggage. Check with your airline before traveling. More details are available from the Australian Customs Service (website:

Prohibited Imports
There are very strict regulations against the import of non-prescribed drugs, weapons, firearms, wildlife, domestic animals and foodstuffs (including meat, poultry and dairy; plants or parts of plants [including fruit, nuts and seeds]; animal products [including wool, skins and eggs] and any equipment used with domestic animals) and other potential sources of disease and pestilence (such as vaccines or viruses). There are severe penalties for drug trafficking.

For further details on customs regulations, contact the Australian Customs Service (see above). Customs information booklets can be obtained from the Australian High Commission or Embassy.

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